About Us

The American Dream is the ideal by which equality of opportunity allows anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, to achieve their own version of success and prosperity.

VBC Giving Foundation was founded on the principle that respectable, safe, quality housing is imperative for everyone to realize this dream.

Who We Are

The Foundation is powered by VBC’s robust national coalition of modular manufacturing companies, raw and finished materials suppliers, developers and real estate experts across the country. With generations of combined experience, VBC is strategically poised to address the increasing need for Affordable and Supportive housing. Further, we have a proven, time-efficient and environmentally sound method to deploy high quality multi-family modular projects to all sectors in need, and to any community across the nation. Together, we ease the housing burden for municipalities and other agencies nationwide; building long lasting thriving neighborhoods.

By partnering with private industry and non-profits for additional resources, The Foundation can fund multiple housing projects where they are needed most – to help not only one segment of society but a myriad of those in need.

Our Mission

The mission of the VBC Giving Foundation is to revitalize the American Dream by providing housing that everyone is proud to call home. Our unwavering commitment is to transform lives by providing high-quality respectful housing for those caught in the housing crisis and left with few to no appropriate options for themselves and their families. The Foundation’s singular goal is to address the increasing need for high quality, dignified affordable housing throughout the US where it is needed most.

We fulfill this mission by raising the necessary capital to create well-designed, energy efficient, superior modular housing projects. We oversee every phase of development from design and engineering, to manufacturing (with the support of our national coalition of manufacturers), to completion of the project as we support local, state, and national agencies to create communities for generations to come.