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Supporting Foster Care Graduates: A Brighter, More Stable Future

Let’s build safe housing for young generations so they can thrive and make their hopes and dreams come true.


Life After Foster Care


The number of children who age out of foster care annually.

Instant Loss

As they transition to adulthood, many lose their support network overnight.


The Alarming Reality


Become homeless immediately


Struggle to find employment by age 24


Experience PTSD, signaling their traumatic pasts


Enter incarceration within two years due to the "foster-care to prison pipeline."


For young women:


Find themselves in the sex industry.


Become mothers by 21

VBC Giving Foundation's Mission


We believe in a brighter future for these individuals. Providing them with a place to call home offers stability, an anchor in their lives. With this foundation, they can grow, flourish, and realize their untapped potential.

The Solution: More Than Just A Home

How do we address this dire situation? Through sustainable, safe, respectful, quality, and affordable housing. Our solution provides not just shelter, but dignity, stability, and a chance at a brighter future.

We are proud to announce our ambition to establish 15+ additional Villages in the upcoming years. Take a look at our inaugural Veteran’s Village project in Philadelphia and witness the transformative change we're bringing about.

Volumetric Building Companies (VBC) is known for its innovative construction process of modular infrastructures around the globe. By creating the Giving Foundation they are extending their capabilities to help housing inequities and give back to the communities they serve.

"We believe in unlocking potential and fostering growth. Offering foster care graduates a home means more than just four walls; it signifies a fresh start, a beacon of hope, and a foundation from which they can soar."

Dana Spain | VBC Giving Foundation President