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Building Homes for Refugees

People deserve to have a peaceful place to call home. By building homes for refugees we extend a welcoming hand in providing them a safe haven to start again.

Millions of people around the globe are displaced from their home country due to extremely unsafe circumstances.

According to The UN Refugee Agency there were 89.3 million people displaced worldwide. Out of these 27.1 million were refugees, 53.2 internally displaced and 4.6 million sought asylum.

VBC Giving Foundation is partnering with agencies globally to help build new homes for uprooted families who had to leave everything behind and start over in a new land.


How do we address this issue? Sustainable, safe, respectful, quality, affordable housing.


VBC Giving Foundation works closely with veteran groups to find the best solution for homelessness in their communities. Not only by providing resources to build the structures but also by engaging skilled veteran’s the opportunity to help with the construction process. In turn, veterans are helping other underserved communities to get homes. 


We are aiming to build 15+ additional Villages in the coming years. See our first Veteran’s Village project in Philadelphia. 

Volumetric Building Companies (VBC) is known for its innovative construction process of modular infrastructures around the globe. By creating the Giving Foundation they are extending their capabilities to help housing inequities and give back to the communities they serve.