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Veterans Village Philadelphia

Bernard Spain Campus

Project successfully finalized. Further details can be found within our Press section.

Introducing the Veterans Village

Ending unacceptable living conditions for Veterans

When our nation’s heroes transition from the military, it would seem logical they would have an array of resources at their disposal. While many Veterans embark on a productive civilian life after serving our country, with ample employment and housing opportunities, and mental and physical healthcare resources, unfortunately, many are left behind.

Although a precise count is impossible to make, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that 40,056 Veterans are homeless on any given night, of whom 4,300+ are women, and an astounding 70% of homeless women Veterans are single mothers. Further, women Veterans are 2-3x more likely to be homeless than any other group in the US; and 1 in 4 Veterans experience post-traumatic stress disorder; and are twice as likely as their civilian counterparts to commit suicide.

VBCGF_Bernard Spain Campus

How do we address this issue? Sustainable, safe, respectful, quality, affordable housing.

In Philadelphia, we see firsthand that affordable housing is scarce.

Units available to Veterans with vouchers and subsidies are often in grave disrepair, may not even include kitchen appliances, and often have unsafe or unhealthy living conditions. This is unacceptable and it needs to end now.

Introducing the Veterans Village, a 47-unit new construction permanent housing community for Veterans. Veterans Village is the first project spearheaded by the VBC Giving Foundation, a registered 501c3 organization, dedicated to addressing the need for Supportive and Affordable Housing. Veterans Village will serve as a template for future housing projects for seniors, Veterans, special needs adults and other vulnerable populations across the country.

The Joan & Bernard Spain Family Foundation has donated the seed equity necessary to bring this project to fruition.  VBC Giving Foundation is soliciting vendors, suppliers and other modular purveyors to defray the costs of construction. Veterans Village is located in a Federal Opportunity Zone which offers additional tax benefits to donors and investors.


36,000 ft2


Community Room


47 Living Units


Outdoor Green Space